Every Service & Resource You Need

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Every Service & Resource You Need

All The Essentials In One Place

We use our vast industry experience and product knowledge to give you personalized guidance, in-depth recipe engineering, product analysis, strategies, and more.

Recipe Development

Perfect your recipe and avoid nasty pitfalls.

Product Design

We'll help you create a winning design that satisfies customers, and communicates your purpose.

FDA & State Compliance

Don't get buried in government documentation. We'll help you prepare.


We bring your product to life with tools, resources and real-world industry knowledge.

Hemp Lab Work

We offer hemp lab work, including full cannabinoid analysis.

Food Safety

Food safety and product success go hand-in-hand. We have the tools you need to get it right.

Packaging & Ingredient Procurement

Use our sources to find top ingredients at fair prices.

Water-Soluble Hemp, Kratom & Terpenes

Here at Customized Cannabinoids, we are able to water-solubilize your hemp from either a crude or an isolate, and infuse it into your product.


We can also help you develop your product from whatever stage you are in. Whether it’s only a mere idea, or you have a recipe that just needs a little fine tuning, or you simply need us to infuse hemp into your product….we are here to partner with you however you need.


The technology we use is very unique and allows the hemp to be bio-available very quickly. We can also water-solubilize Kratom and Terpenes.

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